Add WhatsApp Chat to your website, free for single users, low cost for multiple.

WhatWidget is the easiest way to bring WhatsApp to your site.

In the dashboard you can customise your widget by color, logos and custom messages. Once you're ready to use your widget it offers a simple embed code for you to drop into your site and you're done!

Single Widget

The single widget allows you to add a WhatApp chat bubble to your site. This supports a single user. The PRO version will remove the branding.

Multi Widget

PRO offers a multi agent widget where you can add upto 5 team members, their details and phone number.


The widgets are full customisable allowing you to reflect your brand. You can change logos, colors and content.


In the dashboard you can see how your widget is being used, how often and where from. PRO offers more in depth analytics.

Super Simple

The widget is really simple to use and once you've styled your widget you only need to add a single embed code.

Low Cost

Basic is free to use, PRO costs $2.99 per month. Simple.